“Enthusiast Photographers” (International) is a Facebook-based creative Photography group. The aim of the group is to collect and share quality photographs of amateur and professional photographers and in this way the group members learn from each other’s experience and knowledge. The group was formed in 2015.

Within a short period of time, the number of members reached to 25,000. Very good number of photographs have been collected by the group. At a periodic interval, the group intends to organize photo exhibition to encourage young men and women to come to this arena.


Enthusiast Photographers often goes out for photo walk to different places. Group members participate in these photo shoot voluntarily. Some of the recent walks included the followings:

A trip to Mirpur Botanical Garden
A trip to Shonargaon.
Visit to the Kashbon at Uttara, Purbachol, Mymensingh and Bogra.
Soon we are going to publish ENTHUSIAST PHOTOGRAPHERS magazine.


A group of Administrators (Admins) constantly monitor the activities of Enthusiast Photographers in Facebook as well as in Flickr. Admins reserve the right to remove any post or comments without notice if photos or comments are found to be contrary to the rules and regulations as set by the group.

Photos or comments if found to be defamatory in nature, obscene, inciting violence and hate, harmful, pornographic, religious and politically discriminating, then they are immediately removed. Members present their own work and not work of others or downloads from internet.

Group of Admins

Kaniz Khan, Chief Admin
Iqbal Kabir, Admin Marketing
Farruk Ahmed Bhuiyan Admin
Technical & Landscape
Iftekher Mahmood Rezwan, Admin Portrait
Humayun Rashid Admin, Foreign affairs
Nazmul Huda Admin, Plant & Flower Expert
K.M.Palash, Admin Planning
Nahid Mahmud Hasan Admin, Press and publication manager
Obydul Hassan Tarif Admin, Macro & Wildlife
Hasnat Karim Admin, Public Affairs & Communications Director
MD.Uzzal Hossain Rahat Admin, Web Administration

Future Plan

The group is funded voluntarily. Whenever an event is planned, members volunteer and contribute. In future, the group plans to build up its own fund to organize different events. One source of income would be from the sales proceeds of the photographs to be sold on in an exhibition.

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